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How To Be Truly Unique In Your Market (And Make The Competition Irrelevant)

buyer utility Jul 01, 2018

How does a business engineer uniqueness which, at the end of the day, ensures that prospects in your market see you as ‘the’ choice…vs ‘a’ choice.

The secret lies in the ‘Utility’ (or usefulness) in what you deliver to the marketplace.

And there are really only two things you need to do, to figure out where you can innovate / tweak to find that (oh so lucrative) wide open market space.

FIRST: Figure Out What Your Competition Lacks (and Your Customers Want)

In the customer development template we give to our clients, we include 5 things to ask your prospective customers to help triangulate where the opportunities are:

1) The Result They’re After (The Core Of Your Value Proposition)
2) What’s Standing In Their Way (The Problems You Can Help Solve)
3) What They Do Now To Solve It (Your Competition)
4) What’s Lacking In That Current Solution (Where You Can Innovate)
5) Why That’s Important (What Related Results You Can...

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Why Aren't They Buying?

product market fit Jun 01, 2018

Want to figure out exactly why your product or service isn’t selling as much as it should?

Here’s the thing: There are only 4 things that cause poor sales / slow growth. And NONE of them are fixed with more / different / better / sneakier marketing.

Yet we’re continually sold the ‘if only’ myth: “If only I could [insert new marketing or sales tactic], then things might really turn around”.

The Result?
– Selling Is Hard
– You’re Working Way Too Hard
– Doing Things You Hope Will Work…And When They Don’t
– You Don’t Know What To Do Next
– Because…What If The Next Thing Doesn’t Work Either?

The post is really awesome, but also really long. If you don’t have time to read it, I’ve put together a quick 'playbook' that shows you how to use this strategy. It’s free and you can get it CLICKING HERE.

But here’s the truth:
*You don’t need...

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Why You’re Attracting The Wrong Clients (And How To Fix It)

product market fit May 01, 2018

Ever work with clients that kinda felt like things were just more laborious than they needed to be? You’re not alone. We’ve had several clients that, when they came to us, were struggling to say ‘no’ to certain clients who they may have suspected weren’t quite a fit. They were taking anybody that had a checkbook. So in looking at their sales and marketing process, and inevitably what their product really delivers, we quickly identified that not only were they taking some ‘bad apples’, they were actually attracting the wrong clients.

Therefore, the problem is that you have a great solution, your product delivers true value to people, but it gives the appearance that it doesn’t; and the reason being is that you’re actually working with the wrong people. It is vital that both the solution and the client are really aligned.

In other words, if the solution doesn’t align with the client, they will get very little or...

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