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Why Aren't They Buying?

product market fit Jun 01, 2018

Want to figure out exactly why your product or service isn’t selling as much as it should?

Here’s the thing: There are only 4 things that cause poor sales / slow growth. And NONE of them are fixed with more / different / better / sneakier marketing.

Yet we’re continually sold the ‘if only’ myth: “If only I could [insert new marketing or sales tactic], then things might really turn around”.

The Result?
– Selling Is Hard
– You’re Working Way Too Hard
– Doing Things You Hope Will Work…And When They Don’t
– You Don’t Know What To Do Next
– Because…What If The Next Thing Doesn’t Work Either?

The post is really awesome, but also really long. If you don’t have time to read it, I’ve put together a quick 'playbook' that shows you how to use this strategy. It’s free and you can get it CLICKING HERE.

But here’s the truth:
*You don’t need more marketing or another ‘lead generation’ system…

And Here’s why:

Most marketing is amplifying false (albeit well intentioned) assumptions.
– Assumption About:
– The (real) problem your customers have.
– How they want it to be solved.
– How it’s NOT being solved now.
– What a perfect solution would actually look like for them.
– How to communicate that value (in a way that truly speaks to them)

Which means if you want to stop that cycle, you need to stop ‘best guess marketing’ and figure out your ‘True Market Fit’. Because when that happens, selling becomes easy (no ‘persuasion’ or gimmicky marketing required).

Easy because you’re simply matching (then providing) a solution to a problem people have. Which can be done in a methodical, step by step way that never assumes, but only focuses on proving or disproving hypothesis using micro-experiments and deductive reasoning. Which exponentially mitigates risk…and exponentially increases focus.

And this doesn’t mean you need to ‘trash’ your existing product or start over. It can be as simple as adding another layer to your product experience.

In fact, for one client, this was as simple as ‘adding’ an entry product, which allowed them to reposition their core product to better address the true problem their customers were having.

(And of course this is even easier if you’re considering launching a new product)

So how do you get your product to ‘fit’ a market? There are four core elements:

1) A Customer You Can Identify (And Can Reach):

You want to be able to identify them by external behaviors that are proof positive they are trying to the solve a problem. Otherwise they are just ‘an audience’.
We want ‘early adopters’ who are *motivated* to find a solution, not ‘tire kickers’ or looky-loos. The more motivated the audience, the less you need to ‘persuade’ anybody of anything.

And…they are more forgiving on early iterations of your (new / revised) product. So it’s key to identify the motivated part of the audience you can serve.

2) Problem They Have (That You Can Solve):

It’s not enough that they have a problem, but can you sincerely solve that problem for them. Can you get them results? If not, you’re selling a promise you can’t keep and that is doomed to failure.

And of course, is it a ‘common’ problem? – or at least common enough so that it’s economically feasible to provide a solution. Which means you need to verify the problem is common across the marketplace.

The post is really awesome, but also really long. If you don’t have time to read it, I’ve put together a quick 'playbook' that shows you how to use this strategy. It’s free and you can get it CLICKING HERE.

3) Solution To That Problem You Can Deliver (That Is *Unique):

You can easily uncover this by asking a simple question “What’s not great about your current solution? We call those ‘deficiencies’ and they are KEY to your solution being unique (by filling those gaps).

As an example, one of our clients were working with traditional marketing agencies…but they didn’t know WHY they were doing what they were doing, and more importantly, what it would do for them.

So we made sure our model is always focused on delivering Clarity of Focus and Confidence of Results. Now when potential customers see our model, they can see it’s exactly what they need: a clear methodology that they’re 100% confident will work for them

4) Communicating The Value (For Them):

Now that you’ve got a motivated customer, a problem you’ve identified (that they’ll pay to have solved) and a unique solution, the hard work is over. Now you simply put it all together; binding them with your customers’ Before + After.
– Your Customer
– Has a Problem
– Which Means (Before)
– You’ve Got a Unique Solution
– Which Will Give Them (After)
– Explain Exactly How It Works (Unique Attributes)
– What It Costs
– How They Can Get It (Next Steps)

Inside our company, this is literally just a conversation; there is no fancy sales page, no convoluted 42 stage lead generation campaign. Just explaining that we have a solution to their problem. Simple as that.

If you’ve got a solid core product (or new product idea), but sales are not what they should be, we’re going to be sharing this model for the very first time in a live online training where we’ll go through this in a whole lot more detail (not to mention give attendees a PDF copy of our entire model); showing you exactly how we got clients from lagging sales to customers literally asking to buy their products.

To register, simply click the link here to reserve your spot:

Look forward to seeing you there!


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